For expert transmission repair in Doylestown, PA, look no further than Fontaine & Sons Auto Repair. If your vehicle’s transmission is affecting its performance, our skilled mechanics are here to help with precise service and replacements. We focus on providing solutions that restore your transmission to optimal function without the complexities of full rebuilds.

Transmission Diagnostics and Health Checks

We begin with advanced diagnostic evaluations to accurately identify issues within your transmission. Utilizing modern scanning technology, we can detect everything from fluid leaks to inefficiencies in transmission operation. This thorough diagnosis allows us to provide effective repairs or determine if a replacement is necessary.

Fluid and Filter Replacement

Regular maintenance of your transmission includes changing the fluid and replacing the filter. This prevents contaminants from damaging the transmission’s internal mechanics. At Fontaine & Sons, we use only the highest quality fluids and filters suited to your specific vehicle model, ensuring your transmission remains in excellent condition for reliable performance.

Transmission Replacements

When repairs are insufficient to resolve transmission issues, we provide professional transmission replacement services. Our replacements ensure that your vehicle receives a fully functional transmission suited to its specifications. While we do not offer transmission rebuilds, our replacement services guarantee a high level of performance and reliability with less turnaround time.

Custom Transmission Services

Understanding that each vehicle and driver has unique needs, we tailor our transmission services to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need a transmission that supports smoother acceleration or one that can handle heavy-duty applications like towing or off-road driving, we have the expertise to install the right transmission for your vehicle.

Transmission Repair Near Me

For top-quality transmission repair in Doylestown, PA, choose Fontaine & Sons Auto Repair. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your vehicle is handled with professionalism and care. With our focus on replacement rather than rebuilds, we offer a straightforward solution to your transmission problems. Schedule your appointment today to keep your vehicle running smoothly with our expert transmission services.


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